Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It was a good day:)

Every day is a good day, but today was exceptional. It restored my faith in people. For the past few weeks I have seen people not say thank you for a good deed, borrow things and not give them back or in general just be taken advantage of! I sometimes feel that I have become a source of great entertainment and amusement as people watch me struggle with my tandem stroller. I guess it may be funny for some to see me half stuck in a doorway as the door slams me in the ass!

But today, all the stars must have been aligned! It started out as I dropped my daughter off at school. The woman in the office kindly offered to watch the twins while I ran my daughter downstairs to her classroom. Then during a Target run, I noticed the woman in front of me at the register, buying a Leap Frog Reading Toy. I was thinking of buying it for a Christmas gift and once she noticed me peering at her item, she offered to run back to the toy department and get me one. It was on sale for $12.00 from $50! Another man offered to load my cart and then another person offered to help get the cart to my car. This was amazing, since I am so used to pulling the shopping cart behind me as I push the double stroller with one hand. Since the twins were born 5 months ago, not one person has ever offered to help while I've been out. So this truly caught me by surprise and I was so overwhelmed with the generosity of it all. As I rambled on to each person about how kind they were, they were amazed that I was amazed! It was a good day indeed.

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