Thursday, February 19, 2009

My daughter is a climber!

I've heard many parents speak of their daredevil children. How they climb, jump and swing from anything available. I can totally relate. At 7 months old, my daughter who could not even walk, figured out a way to jump up & down in her crib and swing a leg over the side rail. I remember panicking and calling her pediatrician. When I told him what my daughter was up to, he replied, “Well, that’s just not normal”. Gee thanks bud, that’s exactly what a first time mom wants to hear! After researching every blog and every mom site on the Internet, I found the solution. A crib tent. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A giant white mesh tent that comes to a dome like top, with a zipper that secures it shut. I couldn't believe I was actually contemplating purchasing what looked like a jail for by beautiful darling baby. But as I looked over at her, one leg hanging out of the crib, it was either order the crib tent or risk having her fall out and suffer a broken limb. I can’t say enough about the crib tent, it has worked wonderfully and I even ordered a travel crib tent for our pack in play. Now at 2 1/2 years old, many ask when am I going to put her in a toddler bed? I don’t know the answer to that. All I just know, is that as long as she’s happy in the crib I have no need to rock the boat!

Hello there Horse Face:)

Why is there such a double standard as to what is acceptable to say to a pregnant woman? If I said half of things that I have heard, I would have been accused of being a crazed, hormonal pregnant lady. So why do people feel that it is okay to say how huge I am, how large my butt has become or even better yet, that I look as if I am going burst, is the doctor sure it’s just twins? Is it me or does this all seem a little rude? I would like to think that it’s a small population of people in this world who feel that it is their right to vocalize whatever they feel. But lately in my outings, it seems as if everyone’s manners have just gone down the drain and they all have a bad case of verbal diarrhea. So here it is right back at you all, everything that I’d like to say but am too polite to follow up with. To the man who addressed me with “Hello Big Mama”. I’d like to say, “Why hello there horse face”. To the woman who followed me around at a cocktail party saying, “You look like you are going to burst”. I’d like to say, “Your face looks like it’s going to fall off, you should have gotten a second opinion”. To the woman who said to me during circle time “Can you actually get up, you look gigantic and your butt is so big, are you carrying a baby back there?” I’d like to say, “The anorexic support group meets every Wednesday evening”. Of course I can’t say what I am truly thinking, nor will I ever. It just brings me pure bliss to fantasize about what would happen if I actually followed through with my thoughts. One thing I know for sure, if I ever did address anyone so rudely, I would be accused of being a hormonal maniac and a crazed pregnant lady. But, at least I’d have an excuse. I wonder what theirs is?????