Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aren’t you glad that you are not having 8?

Lately, wherever I go, people ask when am I due. Yes, I am rather large so my typical response is, “I’m having twins”. The funny thing is, the conversation inevitably turns to, “Aren’t you glad it’s not 8?” or, “What's your thoughts on the Octomom?”. I am like most people, who don’t quite get it. As a mom of a 2-1/2 year old, and expecting twins, there are times I feel overwhelmed with how I can manage. Not only manage but find the balance between the newborns, continue to make my daughter feel special and not neglect her. So it is hard for me to imagine how someone with no spouse can possibly find balance for all 14. From what I’ve heard, the Octomom, Nadya Suleman, who has no job or income, plans to survive on student loans and food stamps. Many say she may be depending on a huge book or television deal or the kindness of strangers and corporations. I find it hard to imagine that someone could actually depend on the kindness of strangers and corporations, especially with such a backlash against her. But as I was waiting in line at the paint store, a woman turned around and asked when I was due. I gave my typical response and of course the Octomom came up, but this time with a surprising point of view. This woman felt that Nadya Suleman is a blessing to the world, and has brought 8 more gifts to the universe. She & her husband were even planning on sending $5,000 to Ms. Suleman. So, I guess that’s the great thing about this world; we don’t quite have to agree with everything or necessarily understand what goes on in people’s minds, but there is always someone who is willing to lend a hand or a perspective. I came across this Squidoo Lens that pretty much sums it up:

I am HOT!!!

The things that happen during pregnancy; some things are obvious and some are not. Some things you are told and many things you never hear about until they happen to you.
So why oh why did I forget about the dreaded hot flashes from the last time? Is it that I am hotter because I am pregnant with twins? Is it because I am carrying two boys? Who knows! All I know for sure it that I am tired of sticking to the seat when I get up, tired of feeling like a sweaty pig and tired of worrying about whether I am freezing out the rest of my family because I am so terribly hot. All I know is that it is almost over…at least until menopause.

We LOVE Dr. Seuss!

With Dr. Seuss' birthday coming up tomorrow March 2, it is only right to pay tribute to the wonderful stories that exist today. And when you really think about it, what child doesn’t grow up with at least one Dr. Seuss book in their house? The kids love the silly characters and the rhymes. I know my daughter does. Each evening, one of the most cherished moments my daughter & I spend together, is right before bedtime when we snuggle up to a great goodnight book. “The Cat & the Hat”, and “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” have become a few of my daughter’s favorite reads. In honor of his birthday tomorrow we are planning on making some of the recipes below. I am sure it will be a blast.

Wiggly Fish
“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” inspired this snack. Prepare several different colors of Jello according to package directions and pour each flavor into a shallow pan. Use a fish shaped cookie cutter to cut the Jello into fish shapes. (If you don’t have a fish shaped cookie cutter you could also just cut fish shapes with a knife.) You can also add small pieces of fruit to the Jello mixture before it cools. This is a great way to sneak an extra serving of fruit into your child’s diet.

Pink Ink for The Yink
The Yink in “One Fish, Two Fish” love to drink pink ink. Make your own version by combining a few strawberries (either fresh, or frozen and thawed) and some milk in a blender. Add a few drops of red food coloring if the “ink” isn’t pink enough.

A Fruity Hat For The Cat

Whip up a batch of silver dollar pancakes and cut up some fresh strawberries. Grab some whipped cream and let the kids assemble the Cat’s hat by stacking pancakes, and strawberries on top of each other using the whipped cream as “glue”.

While looking for some celebration ideas, I came across a fabulous Squidoo Lens that is worth checking out for more recipes and party ideas. It’s called the ABCs of Dr. Seuss.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!