Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day glow pink....

If you've been following my blog, you'd know by now that I have a very creative 3yr old with an incredibly active imagination! The days of her stripping, pulling her poopie diaper off and finger painting on the wall are gone. The bedroom has been emptied of anything that she could possibly have fun with during naptime. The lamp has been removed, so she can't wear the lampshade on her head as she dances around the room. The toy bin is gone, so she can not line up her dolls and stuffed animals, then cover them with band aids. Most of the art has been removed from the walls, so she can't rearrange it.

So what is left for her to do doing during naptime? Sleep, I would think, but now who am I kidding! So now really what is there left to do???? Well, to take apart her bed, of course and "paint" the walls with Vaseline! As I stared in wonderment at her room. I keep thinking how could this happen? I had removed everything that I thought she could get! The only thing I had left in the medicine closet of her bathroom was a small jar of Vaseline. A small jar of goo, aka Vaseline, would be way too appealing for my daughter. And now how did she reach the medicine cabinet? Well, she had opened each drawer of the bathroom vanity to create her own steps!

She explained to me that she was "cleaning" and the furniture needed to be polished. As I assessed the situation I see that she had "polished" the entire bed, 1/2 the wall, her bedding, and the mirrored closet doors. Yes, she was a busy bee! To top it off she pulled out the decorative flowers on her bed that covered the screws that hold her bed together. I am positive if she had been able to rig something together to get the screws out, she would have!

After all said and done the room is back to normal. It did take several washings to remove all of the Vaseline from the linens. The only hint left from the crime scene is the shiny patch of paint on the wall that now looks like a day glow pink!

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