Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's all about the timing.

Many have told me that I am a "Type A" personality. I never really thought about it, until today. I am still in the hospital from having my twin boys via csection and will be here until Sat afternoon. I think a normal person would be sleeping while their babies are sleeping or doing anything but what I have been doing. But I am not normal, I now realize. What have I been doing? Well, in between visitors, I have moved my needed to be closer to the electrical outlet, so I can plug my laptop in. I organized my room and sorted the babies clothes. Who does this 2 days after having twins and in a hospital, no less?!? Emailed a few friends, arranged a photographer to come to the house in 2 weeks to photo our happy family, planned the Easter Meal I'm really going to cook or even grocery shop, but it's a nice thought! Signed my 2 1/2 year old daughter up for a trial ballet class for this upcoming Tues. Now really what am I thinking???? And somehow managed to get the boys on a 3 hour feed schedule, at least for the day. Yes, I am a little wacko and believe I am officially a "Type A", but I would like to rationalize it all as being super organized and having just good timing...should I just call the therapist now?!?

I am in LOVE!!!!

After months of waiting, my baby boys made their appearance on Tues April 7th. I feel so blessed that they are both healthy. Somehow both weighted in at almost 6lbs each, which is great for twins and made me feel good about my massive weight gain. At least now I can declare that I was carrying 12lbs of baby and the rest, well can that be water weight?!?

It is simply amazing to look into their small little angelic faces and recognize how vulnerable they are and that my husband & I are responsible for their well being and safety. It seems like such a daunting task and all I want to do is wrap them up in my arms and never let let go!

Last night, my husband went home to stay the evening with our daughter and I was alone with the babies in my room. I have to say that I was and still am on a "mommy high", was blissfully carrying both babies in my arms, rocking them and just totally enjoying our first true private time. Then it dawned on me that I was alone and could I really do this? I started to feel overwhelmed! As quickly as I felt that dreaded feeling, was as quickly as I snapped out of it. After all, they are just two tiny babies. I knew there was no other choice but to rise up to the occasion and to be a Mom. Luck was on my side and the boys were great. I was able to feed, change and burp both boys on my own for most of the evening. I do have to admit I was "christened' by my one son because I forgot to cover his privates and like a fire hose on the loose, pee pee went every where! I felt like a first time mom all over again. Once this happened and he was covered in his pee, as was everything else, I did ask for help and quickly buzzed the nurse! Thank goodness for her because at that point my other son needed to be changed...