Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'll bring the drinks?!?!

Sometime I wonder what goes through my daughter's mind. I was at Mommy & Me Spanish class arranging a playdate for her. As I was finalizing the plans, the other little girl looked at me and said "yay, I am going to have a party". Before I could respond my daughter piped up and said "I'll bring the drinks". Yes, I am in trouble!

And they laughed at me...

I remember when the twins were born I did a posting saying that I had the boys on a 3hr schedule. Several people laughed when I wrote that and were way too happy to tell me that it wouldn't last and I was in la la land. Well, I am happy to say it lasted and that the boys are now feeding every 3hrs during the day and go from 11pm all the way to 8am. Yes, blissful sleep is almost happening. That doesn't mean that I am sleeping solidly though, I still go in to check on them because sometimes they are just too quite and at other times they are very loud. The other night my baby monitor bars were solid red, when I turned the volume up, I didn't hear crying. So I went into the boys room to investigate and what I found made me smile ear to ear. The two of them cooing up a storm talking to each other:) Let the fun begin!!!
Thank you Babywise for a good night sleep!