Monday, March 30, 2009

Men, you gotta love them!

I love my husband and really appreciate everything he does to make my life easier. I know so many women who love to get together and "bash" their husbands. And I do realize, at times it could be pretty easy to focus on the bad or the ignorant moves many husbands make. Do I get annoyed at times with my husband? Of course I do. But I also realize, I am not perfect and am probably a pretty tough person to live with. So today when I heard this "husband story" I had to laugh. I know the wife was not too happy, but I did feel bad for the poor sap! Apparently, this first time mom ran out of diapers and asked her husband to go to the store to pick some up. After being away for 45 minutes, the dad arrived home from what he thought was a successful trip. Two cases of diapers, how could she not be happy! The only problem was that the diapers were Depends, and they didn't come close to fitting the 7lb baby. This story made me laugh so hard, because I knew that prior to having a baby, I could have made that mistake. Well probably not...but my husband could have! Of course the woman had choice words to describe her husband. I am sure in about 15 years she'll be able to laugh about this story, but right now she couldn't see past her husband's ignorance. Men, you really gotta love them!