Monday, September 14, 2009

There is something wrong with the toilet...

Just as I am about to relax, because I think all three kids are sleeping, I hear a rumbling from up above. My daughter is awake from her nap, or did she ever really nap? As she comes running down the stairs with a plunger in hand, she is yelling that there is something wrong with the toilet. This is not, what one wants to hear a three year old proclaim!

Off the couch, I start running towards her, because now the rumbling I heard from up above distinctly sounds like the toilet running over. Yikes! My daughter is so excited, jumping up and down happily declaring that she had tried to fix it. Wasn't she a great mommy's helper? Yes, what a helper she is!?!

As I assess the damage, I see that a whole roll of toilet paper is stuck smack dab in the center of the toilet bowl. A whole package of baby wipes and a little rubber ducky has all made it to the party! The floor is soaking wet as well as every towel that my daughter could find. In case that wasn't enough her little potty is full and there is some poop in the bathroom sink! How and why does she consistently do stuff like this?? Where did I fail? I always gave her plenty of attention. I mean really now, who does this????

Since my daughter was born she has always kept me on my toes. At 9 months she figured out how to "swing" her legs and up over the crib. She has disrobed and rubbed poop everywhere. She has polished her bedroom with Vaseline. She has put her potty in her bed so her toys could use it. She's broken 3 crib tents and bent her rail that prevents her from falling out of the "big girl" bed. She has covered the walls with band aids and now has a great desire to figure out how the toilet works and where the water goes!!!

Oh my! She just keeps going. Don't get me wrong, I love her zest and energy for life. I love that she is so curious and how she wants to continually learn. She makes me smile and fills my heart with so much joy. But sometimes she tests my patience like nothing else. But I guess that is what children are all about. They teach us, just as much as we teach them. She has taught me to always smile & laugh because otherwise I'd be crying, especially after seeing poop floating in the sink!!!