Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I use packaging tape on my daughter!

I love being a mom but at I times, I wonder what my life has become. This thought entered my mind the other evening when I heard my daughter laughing & playing in her crib at 9pm. Once I opened the door, I new instantly something was totally amiss. There she was naked and covered in her own poo, announcing proudly that she had “painted” a picture of our family on the wall. As she happily showed me her work, I started assessing the situation. It was bad, very BAD. Both arms and legs were completely covered in poop. Almost as if she had gone to a spa and had a lovely clay masked applied top to bottom, but whom am I kidding. It was ugly. Not to mentioned that every square inch of her crib was no longer white or pink, but was replaced by the color brown. How could my sweet, beautiful blue-eyed daughter who always says please & thank you do something so unsanitary & gross? I immediately called my husband for back up, interrupting his quality down time with the TV. All I remember is him repeating, “Who does this?” “What is wrong with her?” as he dry heaved and gagged in the background. His job was to bathe her and mine was to well, scrub every inch of her crib and room. 2 1/2 hours later I was done. So the footed pajamas, with the feet cut off, placed on backwards and her diaper snugly secured with packaging tape, is now our nightly routine. Do I feel bad that I tape my daughter up every night? Well yes. Do I wonder if I will scar her for life? Absolutely! Or that she will grow up with a strange bondage fetish. Of course I do! But do I now sleep soundly without having to dread another 2 hr clean up? You beat I do! And if she grows up with issues from this taping experience, well I guess that is, what therapy is for. Right?!?!