Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Think twice before parking next to a minivan!

I know moms in minivans get a bad rap, but please, please think twice before parking too close to a minivan. I know cars are larger and the parking spots are smaller, but please try to notice the space in between you and the next car.

As I tried the other day to get my twins into the minivan, the car next to me was so close that I couldn't even get the carseat through. I went to the other side of the car where there was a little more room. If I had a car without sliding doors, I definitely wouldn't have been able to crack the door open enough to get my babies in. As I tried to manipulate the carseat, with my one son in it, through the tiny space, I hit the car next to me. I cringed and felt really bad. There was no damage but there was no way I could get the boys in otherwise.

I looked around half hoping the owner would come, so I could apologize and maybe politely comment on staying in the lines. Yes, a little passive aggressive, I know! But no luck, no one else was around. It was just a very crowded parking lot. So again, please think twice before parking too close...