Thursday, August 6, 2009

I will always be in your heart!

Yesterday, I started reviewing the list of school supplies that my daughter would need when she starts preschool in Sept. Not only was I overwhelmed with how much she will need, really she's just 3, so I don't understand why the supply list is a full one page but I was saddened at the prospect of dropping her off each morning. As my daughter was trying on her little school jumper, my lower lip quivered and my eyes welled up with tears. My daughter consoled me and said "don't worry mommy, I will always be in your heart when I am at school". Yikes! That's what I used to say to her when I would have to leave to run errands and we were dealing with separation anxiety. When did our roles reverse? As I think about it, maybe I was the one with separation anxiety and never her! Could that be?!? How sad:(