Thursday, August 27, 2009

We stole shoes:(

For some strange reason I thought it would be a fun adventure to head to the mall with the 3 kids. Now what was I thinking? Not only was it one of the hottest days of the year, but it was a little too close to feeding time for the twins. But I figured what the heck, let's go! In the beginning things were going well. At the first store we purchased some shoes for my daughter, along with a pair of angel wings, a cookie and 3 helium balloons. This didn't seem too bad. In hindsight, it was just a case of overconfidence!

With the helium balloons secured to the stroller, my daughter happily eating a cookie and angel wings strapped to her back we moved onto the next store. We arrived at Stride Rite, tried on what seemed like every shoe in the store and finally purchased one pair. My one son starts crying, and we head to the bouncy castle. My plan was that while my daughter was jumping, I'd be able to feed the twins. As we get to the bouncy, the crying turns to high pitch wales and his brother chimes in. The twins are now crying in stereo. As I bend down to take my daughter's shoes off, but what is on her feet but a pair that we had not purchased. We stole shoes! Yikes...not good!!!

I pick up my daughter, we can't scuff the shoes now! She starts crying because she thinks she can't bounce. The boys are crying. I am holding my daughter, pushing the double stroller, getting poked in the eye with an angel wing and getting slammed in the head with 3 helium balloons. I walk faster, start sweating, walk even faster, and the crying is getting louder now. The walk turns into a jog. Still more crying. I'm hot, the kids are hot. We finally made it back to Stride Rite to return the shoes. We retrieve my daughter's beat up old Crocs and head back to the bouncy castle. I am now sweating like pig, have two crying babies on my hands and one very confused 3yr old! Things were not good. I think I have learned my lesson. We'll head back to the mall again, but maybe for a nice leisurely walk and to enjoy the bouncy castle. As for running errands and shopping, I think I'll leave that to the Internet. That way I'll know that I have paid for everything!!!!!