Monday, August 17, 2009

Go Daddy!

This evening, when my husband arrived home at 5pm, he surprised me by saying that he had made an appointment for a one and a half hour massage at 6pm and that I should take it. Well, it didn't take me long to grab my keys and run out the door! Then it dawned on me that he would have all three kids. With no dinner made, all three kids to feed and needing to put down for bed, I retreated back into the house. He said he could handle it, he'd figure it all out and I should relax and enjoy the massage. What a guy!!!! Well when I returned home at 7:40pm, the house was quiet. Could this be? Did he do it? As I tip toed up the stairs, I heard him and my 3 yr old daughter singing soft lullabies. There she was tucked neatly in her bed, my husband in the rocking chair burping a baby and a satisfied smile on his face. Yes, two down, one to go! As I fed my other son, I thought about what a great job my husband did. Not only did he make a shrimp and linguine dinner, he managed to get two bottles made, 2 kids fed and tucked in. As I finished feeding the last baby...time check 7:55pm, all I could think of was "Go Daddy, go"!!!

8am to 8pm

It amazing to have gone from being completely exhausted to feeling human again in just 4 short months. Thanks to Babywise the twins go down around 7pm, I sneak in and feed them at 8pm and the don't make a peep until 8am! What a blessing. So many people say I am lucky. Yes, I know I am, but I do think it's not just luck. I put a lot of time into sleep training my kids. In the beginning it was round the clock every 3 hours for the first 6-8 weeks. I did what everyone thought was foolish, I woke not one but two sleeping babies! The Babywise premise is it to get the infant on a schedule. So you get them fed before they get too hungry, too agitated and too hard to calm down. For me it worked, but you have to be dedicated and disciplined. So it is not for everyone. My daughter is a perfect example that Babywise works. The first time around I may have chalked it up to "luck" but now that the twins are here and they are sleeping well I have to believe it was my diligence to follow a schedule. So, this evening I am looking forward to laying on the couch and watching a movie with my husband by 8:30! Wow, even I am amazed!!!!!