Monday, June 8, 2009

Call me bitter?!?

Today was the first day of my husband's "vacation" from work. We decided not to go anywhere because the twins are just 8 weeks and it would be easiest to stay local. So I hired extra help to have some free time. The morning did not start off well. My husband took his car in to get fixed and the shop found a few unexpected things wrong with it. Not a good start. As we drove up to Legoland California with our 3 year old, I could see my husband start to relax. We arrived and everything was going well, nice weather, nice lunch, nice rides, but everything went south real fast, once my husband lost our daughter in a play area tunnel. Yes, not good, and I was not a happy wife. Fortunately, I found her in the midst of a ton of kids having a blast, fully unaware that I had half of the play area park attendants looking for her. So maybe I am bitter, but it's not why you may think. It's not because my husband lost our daughter, not because I am tired, or not because I have spit up constantly stuck on my right shoulder. I am believe it or not, all fine with that. But what I am not fine with, are the wise asses that call my husband and ask him if "he's ready to go back to work, yet?". So I have to wonder what type of "friends" would do that? Is it because they are SO miserable at their jobs that they wish they could take two weeks off? Or is it because they are miserable when they are home with their families and want everyone else to be just as pathetic? Now really, why would anyone ask that question? You know, they only want to hear the bad stuff, and they are not asking to lend support or empathize. They just want a good laugh. Well, knowing that we have 8 week old twins, a 3 year old toddler and no family in the area to help, all I have to stay is yes, things are stressful at times. Sometimes 3 kids cry simultaneously, laundry is piled up, but we are surviving and it's NOT as bad a people would like to hear. The twins are on a 3 hour feed schedule during the day and sleep 5-6hrs each night and my daughter is in bed no later then 8pm. So yes, things are on the upswing and we are getting out of the trenches. So a word to the wise DON'T call and ask if my husband is ready to go back to work, as if that is a place of sanctuary and we are the worst things to be around. If you do, be prepared for the Italian wrath of words. I will start calling you at work and ask if your day sucks, if business is bad and don't you wish you were home? And if you are home I will hunt you down there and annoy you. So really people, come on lets grow up because we've all been in the same boat...

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