Thursday, May 28, 2009

Towel bars are NOT for swinging!

Just when I think life is calming down and the routine seems fairly manageable, life or in this case my daughter decides to throw me a curve ball! So far I have been impressed with her maturity when it comes to the twins. We've had no major breakdowns, she sings to the boys when they cry, gets me a burp cloth when I need, and has been an incredible helper. Just when I forget that she's only three, she does something to snap me back into reality. So this, morning as she was brushing her teeth she leaned over, grabbed the towel bar and decided to hang from it. As I was trying to get her off, explain that she could get hurt, she decided what a fun torturous game this would be for me. The harder I tried to get her off, the louder she yelled, "swing me mommy, faster mommy". Yes, she was not getting that I was trying to pry her little hands from the death grip she had on the towel bar and get her to stop. Instead she decided to look at it is a new found "ride" that was attached to the bathroom wall. I had visions of huge holes left in the drywall of the bathroom, and just when I thought the towel bar would collapse, she decided the ride was over, at least for today...

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