Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And we thought we had it bad...

Today was one of those days where all the plans get tossed out the window. I was prepared to drop my daughter off at school and then take the twins to physical therapy with me. Something I really needed since my back has been aching from lugging all the kids everywhere.

But when my daughter woke up this morning, she was covered head to toe in hives. Her poor little face was swollen and so were her eyes. I frantically called everyone to cancel my appointments as well as called the doctors office to see if they could squeeze us in. Yes, they could, but we had to get there ASAP. So I ran around the house like a mad woman, making bottles, packed the diaper bag, changed everyone and threw some waffles in a bag for my daughter. We made it out of the house, into the car and arrived at the doctors office in record time, but of course we had to wait, and wait...

We waited an hour or so. The twins got cranky, because it was nap time. My daughter was agitated because she couldn't stop scratchy and me, well I was pretending not to notice the ruckus my family was making.

I think we officially scared the entire waiting room from the loud screams coming from the room we were in. A nurse knocked on the door to make sure we were alright. The doctor tried to calm the boys down. Another nurse tried to help only to be rewarded with projectile spit up from my one son. To me it was just another day with the kids. The noise just doesn't phase me, but for most it drives them nuts.

With a prescription in hand, a lab work form, my kids and I depart the doctors office. As all eyes focus on me, I survey the waiting room. Yup, lots of first time parents, embracing their little ones, afraid that their kids may catch the "screams". A few parents give me an embarrassed smile, some look at me with pity, but most just looked relived that they are not in my position. As we walk out the door, I hear one husband say to his wife "and we thought we had it bad"! That made me laugh and kept me laughing all day long. Good thing, because the tears from the kids lasted all day long too!!!!

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