Thursday, April 16, 2009

My week in review...

I cannot believe how fast the last 9 days have flown by. Two weeks ago if you asked me, I could actually tell you what was going on in the world and well, since then my brain has gone to mush. I really have not a clue as to what is happening outside of my “little baby world”. I know taxes were due on the 15th and that the American captain was freed from captivity off the coast of Somalia. Other then that I don’t know a thing about the “real” world. The few things I know right now are; that I have gone through 190 diapers in 9 days, have done 5 loads of baby laundry in a day, have been peed on at least 3 times on in a day, went through 4 baby outfits, 2 swaddle blankets and 1 changing cover pad in just one diaper change. How can that be?!? It is strange how life changes so fast but at the same time can stand so still…at least for me that is how it is!

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